Coronavirus in astrology

COVID-19 predictions according to the Republic Day of India, the Kota chakra kundali ready by Astrologer Mr. Ramji Desai Predictions on when Coronavirus will get over. #covid19 #coronavirus #astrology #predictions #coronavirusoutbreak #vedicastrology #horoscopes


After analysing folowing horoscope 1 26th jan.1950-india republic day meen lagna kundli 2 B J P KUNDLI 3 CONGRESS KUNDLI 4 NARENDRA MODI KUNDLI 5 RAHUL GANDHI KUNDLI 6 23rd may 2019 result day kundli More over kot chakra analysing of two main leader 1 Narendra Modi 2 Rahul Gandhi 1 WHO WILL WIN ? […]


Saturn and ketu dedrical conjuction start from 20th may 2019 and first time it will degrically up to september 2019 after very long time in astrology. WHAT IS ITS EFFECT FOR INDIVIDUAL INDIVIDUALLY according to moon sign and ascendent cancer,libra and kumbh will be benefited. arries,mithun meen have medium effect. while taurus,leo ,vergo,scorpio,sagitarious and capricon […]

Mercury Transit across the Sun

MARS entered in Capricorn from 2nd MAY 2018 and remain up to  6th November 2018. Mars is also Retograde from 26th June 2018 to 27th August 2018. it will transit with KETU and opposition of RAHU. It will cross the KETU on 14th June, while retrograde on 18th July 2018 and after planetary track on […]

**This is only prediction it should not be use for any Gambling Purpose the author is not any damage out of this prediction.**